Final check before send the letter to the Indonesia President. Every Thursday, for one hour (at 16-17.00), Sumarsih together with the family members of the victims of Human Rights (HAM) violation demonstrated in front of Merdeka Palace in Jakarta. The action called Kamisan action, has been done since January 18, 2007. Kamisan Participants include families of victims of human rights violations in Indonesia, such as the 1965/1966 event, Tanjung Priok 1984, Talangsari 1989, Abductions and Enforced Disappearances 1997/1998, Trisakti 1998, May 1998, Semanggi 1998/1999, Munir and other victims of human rights violations. The participants of Kamisan action used black umbrella and dressed in black and without talking. In their action, they also received support from human rights activists, students, and celebrities. Photo by Toto Santiko Budi

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